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PSC Community Hub

Welcome to the PSC Community Hub

Join our community to experience the benefit of connection as we face the climate reality together

Why join PSC?

Join PSC to get involved in our growing community and support our work.

We know that if people have access to climate-informed psychological knowledge and skills that help them cope, connect with others, and participate in their communities, they grow their ability to respond to the climate crisis.

We believe that mental health support which is grassroots led, collective, and community oriented is what will best serve individuals, their mental health, and their communities.

We want to support you and your community to find meaning, connection and foster resilience, as we live with this unfolding crisis.

PSC is a small non-profit group and your membership will go a long way toward financially supporting our vital work.

Join today to:
-Receive discounts on all PSC workshops, professional development and conferences
-Support yourself with your own climate anxiety, eco-grief (and other emotions about the ecological crisis such as anger, despair, fear)
-Help yourself and others to find constructive practices for hope and action
-Receive access to our lively Community Hub where you can meet others passionate about meaningful action and build supportive networks of connection

-Access useful resources

CAP Network Membership

Those who already work professionally supporting other people (such as therapists, educators, facilitators, coaches, healers, researchers etc.) may be interested in joining our Climate Aware Practitioner’s (CAP) Network. 

CAP Network Membership gives you access to the CAP Network member area of the PSC Community Hub, where you can connect with other CAPs, collaborate, and share resources.

As a CAP Network Member you can:
-Choose to be listed in the PSC online directory
-Share and publicise your events with PSC’s network
-Meet and connect with other CAP members in your area (and across the country)
-Access to CAP specific professional development offerings including ongoing InterVision peer to peer professional growth groups for therapists and facilitators

Your membership contribution will help PSC

  • Support the community around issues of climate distress and climate impacts, building community resilience. We offer direct support with our community workshops and Climate Cafes to help people work through difficult emotional barriers to engaging constructively with climate change, like grief, anger, fear, feelings of powerlessness. 

  • Help people working within the climate movement (from researchers and scientists to activists on the ground) to become more psychologically aware of how people respond to climate change and the personal impacts of undertaking this work, especially burnout.

  • Continue our work with mental health practitioners and the mental health sector to build an understanding of the climate reality as a mental health issue. We work at the emergent edge of therapeutic responses to the climate crisis, offering professional development, ongoing InterVision peer to peer professional support groups, as well as writing and speaking on these issues within the mental health sector.

Note: We strongly advise joining our PSC Community Hub using your web browser, and not an iOS or Android app. The process will be far easier and more simple administratively for you and for PSC! Thanks